Switch to Smart

Duluck is one of the pioneering companies offering smart solutions with entire set of Alexa-enabled devices to transform your home or office into a smart space. Duluck provides Alexa- enabled speakers and smart home devices compatible with Alexa. Duluck brings a large spectrum of functionality by simple voice commands to different electrical gadgets installed in a house. Duluck is one-stop solution to transform your home or workplace into a smart space.

‘Alexa’ is a voice-driven assistant available for Music, shopping and smart home control. Duluck speakers, and other Duluck products like plugs, switches and IR controllers are the aesthetically built and top-performance devices that convert any home or office into smart space. Just a voice command to ‘Alexa’ from a distance as far as 12 ft. is enough to execute the function you like. The commands can also be given through your smart phone with no restriction of distance by mobile app.

By installing Duluck speakers and accessories, you can operate your fan, AC, fridge, music system, and do online shopping, get news updates and a lot more by just a voice command without touching any equipment for switching on / off or manually doing volume up and down or any such functions.