Duluck 4-Channel WiFi IOT Smart switch for Lights

Duluck model PS-IM05A04C SLWIDC) IoT Wi-Fi smart home switch. Its slim body easily fits behind every existing electrical board. Suitable for 4-lights {Or 3 Lights+1 ceiling Fan-on/off}.Each channel handles 300 watts of load. Users can save lot of money on electricity bills by remotely controlling appliances with “Smart life” App. The Voice control with Alexa, Ok-google, and Duluck smart speakers gives additional convenience. User need not to remember anything as its Auto-Off/On timers,automatically operate appliance at schedule time. It has regular manual control with wall switch. Elderly, kids, and servants can use wall switch as they are used to.

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Voice Control

“ Works perfectly with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant.

App Control

Can control using SmartLife App in your smartphone

Manual Control

Along with App, can control by using wall mounted switch so that maids or kids can also operate.

Auto Control

Set up timing schedules to save the trouble of overcooking the dish

  • Duluck Wi-Fi IoT smart switch model (PS-IM05A04C SLWIDC) is suitable for 4 lights {Or 3 light+1fan-off/on}. Each channel handles 300 watts of load.. It slim body easily fits behind everytype of existing electrical board.It’s manual control with regular wall switch makes elderly, kids and servants to operate with ease, as they are used to.
  • Using cell-phone “Smartlife” app, user can remotely control from anywhere where Wi-Fi or 4G signal is available.
  • Timers (schedule, countdown, inching, repeat) makes its operation automatic.You need not to remember to turn off/on home appliances like balcony lights, staircase-lights, ceiling-fans etc. It automatically turn them off/on at schedule time.
  • At home, people are sitting in one room with fan & lights “On” and move to another room without turning them off, you can turn lights&fan “off” from another room either with Smartphone-APP or by just asking Alexa to do it for you.
Weight 120 g
Dimensions 13 × 8 × 6 cm


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