Duluck Masterpiece Speaker, built-in Alexa, wifi & bluetooth connectivity

Duluck A-104 (Nick name: Masterpiece) Alexa Built-in Wifi Bluetooth Smart Speaker, Home Stereo Audio with Alexa Voice Control, Wi-Fi Wireless Music Radio, Premium Sound Streaming, Multi-Room Play, Multi-Color LED Desk Light Lamp, Auto Adjust Smart Digital Clock

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Duluck Smart Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, BT speaker with Alexa built-in. Connect to your phone & play your favorite songs, Voice Controls IOT devices

  • It can listen, speak, think and reply to your commands. ” Its “Almost Human”. with Built-in Alexa Voice Assistant you can ask it to play music of all times or any decade, find recipes, catch up on the news, and even control smart home appliences. Set timers and alarms, Set reminders for special events and occausions, Keep and maintain your daily needs . Just say the word “Alexa” to give command from anywhere in your home
  • Your Wifi signal Extender: By using “-App” you can make A104 as a WiFi hotspot and extend your home WiFi signals about 15-20 feets further in radious. In Wi-Fi mode: After setup by connecting A104 to your home Wifi network, you can ask A104 to search and play songs of all times and of all decades. In Bluetooth mode: you can play songs stored in your cellphone or connect device to another bluetooth speaker for enhance sound
  • It’s good to get and good to gift. suitable on all occasions and events. Easy setup: It takes about 3 minutes to setup and get it ready. Hi-Tech Design: Touch sensitive panel are designed for easy controlling.You can use “DULUCK-APP” and control speaker with smartphone as a remote. 360° PREMIUM SOUND QUALITY: Speaker has been fine-tuned to provide crystal clear sound with full to mid-range bass. Built-in far field microphone allows you to speak and give commands from across the room
  • Voice controled Wifi Bluetooth Speaker: A104, a beautiful Amazon certified voice controlled speaker with digital smart auto set clock and RGB lamp. It has touch-sensitive capabilities and Bluetooth function. It’s completely hands-free and you can use your voice to control smart home devices, play music of all times, read news and more. with over 50,000 skills and App’s, A104 is always getting better and smarter. Skills are like apps and let you get more out of this device with “Al
Weight 872 g
Dimensions 10.5 × 10.5 × 22 cm


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